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Thank you for your interest in joining the Texas Society of CPAs. TSCPA exists for you, the CPA, and only you. Without you, TSCPA cannot effectively protect the profession you worked so hard to be a part of. There is strength in numbers. People listen more. Businesses listen more. Legislators listen more. The collective voice of 28,000 is more than your individual voice.

Certified Public Accountants holding valid and un-revoked certificates as such issued by the State Board of Public Accountancy of any state or territory of the United States or District of Columbia, whether or not engaged in the public practice of accountancy shall be eligible. Please direct any questions about membership to our member service team by calling 800-428-0272 (option 1) or emailing

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First-time members are invited to join TSCPA at the introductory rate of $199 (not prorated), including local chapter dues.

CPAs reinstating their memberships in TSCPA pay $290 plus local chapter dues. Contact our member service team to find out the appropriate amount for your reinstatement (800/428-0272, option 1 or Contact TSCPA

TSCPA's Bylaws state that members are assigned to local chapters based upon their principal office address. If you reside in a chapter different from the one where you work, you can specify a preference to be a member of that chapter. Contact TSCPA Member Services with questions or to specify a preference. Email TSCPA Member Services or call 800-428-0272 - option 1 (in Dallas 972-687-8500) to speak with a Member Services representative. See map of TSCPA's chapters.

All dues are payable on June 1 of each year. The membership year begins on June 1 and ends on May 31 of the following year.

By the Board of Directors resolution, the following procedures shall be adhered to:

Under election and payment of an admission fee and dues for the current year, each member shall be entitled to a certificate of membership. Certificates of membership shall be returned to the assistant secretary upon suspension or termination of membership for any cause except death

Reinstatement Procedures

A former member who forfeited his membership as provided in Article III (2) for nonpayment of dues or assessments may be reinstated by taking the action described below:
(1) The former member shall be reinstated by payment prior to May 31 following the date of forfeiture of dues, special assessment, if any, and appropriate chapter dues for the entire year.

(2) Subsequent to May 31 following the date of forfeiture, the former member will be reinstated by completing an application for membership in the same manner as a new member and making a payment of:

(a) TSCPA and chapter dues for a proportionate quarterly part of the current fiscal year, and
(b) any outstanding assessments owing for the year in which membership was forfeited.

Former members reinstating their membership during the last quarter of the fiscal year (TSCPA fiscal year is June 1-May 31) are required to pay prorated dues for the last quarter and dues for the next fiscal year. Please email TSCPA Member Services or call 800-428-0272, option 1 (in Dallas 972-687-8500) to find out the exact total amount owed for both chapter and state society dues.

Pro Rata Payment of Dues

If application for reinstatement is submitted -

First Quarter: (June, July or August)...100% dues payable and appropriate chapter dues

Second Quarter: (September, October or November)...75% dues payable and appropriate chapter dues

Third Quarter: (December, January or February)...50% dues payable and appropriate chapter dues

Fourth Quarter: (March, April or May)...25% dues payable and appropriate chapter dues

I hereby make application for admission to the TEXAS SOCIETY OF CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS.

By clicking here , I acknowledge, on this date {{date | date:'MM/dd/yyyy'}}, that I have read and will abide by the membership requirements and dues schedule which are stated above. I will also abide by the Bylaws and the Code of Professional Ethics of the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants upon acceptance.

As a member of TSCPA, you will receive communications by e-mail and mail that are designed to keep you up-to-date on your profession and the benefits of membership in TSCPA. These communications may include commercial content such as information about educational courses, affinity programs, and other membership-related benefits.

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